1) Return of damaged products
If you receive a product that has been damaged during the transportation, please contact us before proceeding to the return, as we will need to gather evidences to make a claim to the delivery company.
Once the evidences have been gathered, we will ask you to return the product. Shipping costs will be taken in charge by us.
Then once we have received the product, we will :
- Replace it when possible (a certain waiting time could be necessary and will be communicated to you in that case), or
- Propose to replace it by an identical product but for which the design could be a little bit different from the product you ordered initially, or
- Proceed to a refund for an amount equal to the initial price of the product plus the shipping fees you paid when you placed the order.

2) Regular return of products
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please send it back to us within 14 days after the receipt.
To be eligible for return, the product must be in perfect condition and returned in its original packaging.
The shipping costs will not be refundable and will stay at your charge.
Once we receive your product, we will proceed to an inspection. If your return is approved, we will notify you then initiate a refund for an amount equal to the initial price of the product plus the shipping fees paid when you placed the order. If we consider the returned product cannot be made available for selling again, we will not proceed to any refund and the product will be sent back to you, at your charge (the product will only be sent back after the shipping fees will have been paid).

3) Where to send the products
Please return the product together with a note mentioning your order number to the address below :
L&Y Art Trading
2-1-23-211 Nishi Waseda
162-0051 Tokyo

4) Questions
If you have any question concerning the Return and Refund Policy, or the return procedure, please contact us using the contact form found at https://www.buy-japan-art.com/pages/contact-us.