Painting by Yoshiro Kawakami : "Discomfort"

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Painting by Yoshiro Kawakami : "Discomfort"

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Acrylic painting on paper by Yoshiro Kawakami.
Title of the artwork : "Discomfort".
What the painter says about the painting :
"Heavy body feeling, headache, unable to communicate with others.
This boy had to leave bearing this discomfort infesting his body."
Painted in 2019.


- Size : 334x466mm
- Type of paint : Acrylic and pen
- Support : Paper

Additional information

Made in Chofu district, in Tokyo.
The painting is shipped flat, not rolled, and carefully protected to guaranty it reaches you in perfect condition.

Remarks :
The frame is not included.
We normally ship our products within two business days but this painting will require up to 1 week to be shipped because it is stored at the painter's workshop.

Artist's page : Yoshiro Kawakami