Our artist's design on J Skis' FRIEND series skis

Our artist's design on J Skis' FRIEND series skis

When Art meets Innovation…

A rare, unique ski like no other, decorated by one of our artist.

The skis

BuyJapanArt is excited to announce the launch of the new limited edition ski from the famous company J Skis.
They have worked in collaboration with Tetsuya Abe to make a high quality ski decorated with one of his paintings.
You can check the details of the product on J Skis' homepage.

J Skis skis


About J Skis

J Skis has been founded by Jason Levinthal, a truly champion and a passionnate skier who has collaborated with high-level engineers, advanced factories and pioneering athletes in the world to bring to customers what they really want, a higher quality product at a more affordable price.

All skis are sold in limited quantities, each hand signed and numbered by Jason, so you own a rare and unique ski.

What we like the most of Jason’s vision is the disruptive method : cutting the middlemen and selling directly from the factory to the cutomers. By this way, it brings J Skis’ products to market faster, years ahead of the competition.

We are clearly on the same page here. BuyJapanArt is selling Art directly from the artist to the customer, this way we bring artists more exposure by spreading the word to our unique audience, the entire world.

J Skis skis outside