Tetsuya Abe was born in Nikko in 1980.
This is when he was student that he discovered the one stroke dragon art.
A master in this art was living in his neighborhood. His father, an oil painter, became interested in this technique and learnt from this master.
Tetsuya Abe, in turn, got deeply interested in his father's paintings.
The master showed him two or three times how he was painting his dragons. Tetsuya Abe got amazed by the speed of the drawing technique.
This is when he decided he wanted to try as well to master this technique.

He was taught about the brush and the ink, but as we are talking about painting, he then had to paint again and again, until he was satisfied with his work, expressing the dragon's strength and the smoothness of his body.
Apart from this repetitive self-training, Tetsuya Abe visited many temples in Nikko, Kyoto and other cities to observe and study the sculptures and paintings of dragons.

He started in 2002 to train himself and after painting countless dragons at home for one year, he started to sell his work in August 2003.

Even if Tetsuya Abe does not consciously make changes, his style is still evolving little by little every day.
He says this is because at each painting he tries to make it his best artwork.
Tetsuya Abe told us he does not want to see his artworks of 5 or 10 years ago. He even said, half joking, that he would like them to disappear. This is why he does not keep old work from himself.

You can find here his dragon collection sold online.

Find below a picture of our friend, a picture of his shop, and two videos of his amazing technique!


Tetsuya Abe

Tetsuya Abe picture

 His Shop in Nikko

Tetsuya Abe shop

 His amazing technique :