Our values :


Directly from Japan, BuyJapanArt looks for, selects and proposes you unusual and unique Japanese art and craft artworks.
All our products are selected with care and attention.


Each object is handmade or decorated by hand by each of the artists and artisans that we personally know (with the exception of the printed products based on our artists' artworks, like T-shirts, which are produced using printing technology).
Through their artwork, we hope to make you discover some of the values that characterize Japan : precision, beauty, fineness and perfection.


Yann lives in Japan since 1998. He decided to settle in Japan after doing his graduation internship in this country, during which he discovered a multifaceted country, mixing tradition and modernity.
IT engineer, he has been working his whole carrier in an import-export company.
He now looks for artists and artisans whose artwork stand out because of their uniqueness in order to make you discover their artwork.
In France, Loïc has developed his curiosity toward the contemporary Japanese culture that surged like a tidal wave since the 80’s : the Manga, the video games and the movies.
Graduate from an engineering school, he worked in the retail business as buyer / product manager.
He now wishes to share his love for Japan through a selection of astonishing art and craft artworks.


We are not only selling products from our artists, but also developing new products based on the work of our artists. You will find them in our WearJapanArt lineup, where we propose you clothing and other products decorated with artworks from our artists.

Discover a new Japan with BuyJapanArt !