Titanium pendant - HALF SPHERE model

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  • titanium pendant half sphere 1
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Titanium pendant - HALF SPHERE model



Made of titanium, this handmade pendant shaped like an half sphere is strong and very light, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
The other characteristic that makes titanium unique and perfect for creating artistic objects is its color. Originally metallic white, titanium has the particularity to change color when subjected to an electric current. The color obtained depends on the intensity of the current used. It is therefore by varying the intensity of the applied current that the craftsman creates a variation of colors on the object, giving the titanium objects their unique and almost magical appearance.


- Color: metallic white with blue inner part
- Material : titanium
- Chain material: titanium
- Size in cm of pendant: 1.9 of diameter
- Length of the chain in cm: 24

Additional information

Made in Kyoto.

Artisan's page: Atelier You