Wooden mask of the Japanese goddess Kannon

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Wooden mask of the Japanese goddess Kannon


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Wooden mask of Kannon, the goddess "Who considers the voices". Kannon is one of the great figures of Buddhism, the most venerated perhaps among all the Buddhist deities, the figure par excellence of the love and compassion. This mask was carved from a unique block of Katsura wood by the Watanabe Clan more than 30 years ago in Nikko. It has been preserved with precaution by the Watanabe descendant.
The Katsura wood is very hard and dense, which gives the mask the ability to go through the years without cracking or showing any signs of alteration. Working such hard wood requires a high level of expertise, making this wooden mask of Kannon a unique japanese antique.


- Material : Katsura wood, also called caramel tree
- Size in cm (height x width x depth) : 25.8 x 13.5 x 9

Additional information

Made in Nikko, in the Tochigi prefecture.

Artist's page: Mrs W.